Just breathe.

Take a deep breath and remember that you’re allowed to not have it all together, all the time.

Remember that something that you’re complaining about could be someone else’s best-case scenario.

Remember that nobody has super powers.

Remember that to err is to be human, and we all screw it up one way or another.

Remember that a lack of sleep isn’t proof of courage or commitment – it’s stress wrapped in a cotton comforter.

Remember that, while passing judgment is human nature, there is always a second chance to make a first impression. Given enough time, a second and a third, too.

Remember that sometimes, we all say and do hurtful things.

But never forget that nobody is perfect. Not you. Not me. Not any of us.

Remember that change happens – personal evolution is up to you.

Remember that memories are in the past for a reason – whether nostalgia or a nightmare, the looking glass of yesterday cannot show you today.

Remember that the future might seem in your control, but the universe may tell you otherwise. Learn to let go where you can, and press forth when you must.

Remember that this moment – this very second – this is all you are ever promised.

Never forget to light your fire; set the world ablaze; and ignite that eternal spark without burning your candle at both ends.

Just breathe.

Take a deep breath and remember that – good, bad, and every day ordinary – we’re all in this thing together, just trying to make it out alive.

Remember that, in the end, nobody does.

So never forget that – if you embrace the now – the “then,” “if,” and “when” won’t matter.

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