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Sonja M. Schwartzbach, BSN, RN, CCRN is a cardiothoracic surgical intensive care unit nurse who finds passion and promise through the written word.

As an ICU registered nurse, she’s managed cardiac arrests; open chests; exsanguinations; intubations; and tragedies of near-death brought to life once again. As a writer, perhaps the challenges prove even more daunting! Ms. Schwartzbach is currently working towards publication of her first manuscript, and thanks to previous accolades for her written work, her jump into nursing literature hopes to educate and indoctrinate while it entertains.

In August of 2015, the Huffington Post discovered Ms. Schwartzbach’s small personal blog and invited her to become a continuing nurse blogger for the media giant. Her first piece entitled “Unapologetically a Nurse” (August 2015) went viral, thereby generating an unprecedented following through a worldwide platform.

Since that point in time, she has used the feedback from nursing colleagues, students, and retired members of the profession to create a book that serves as more than a beginners guide for new graduate nurses.  Rather, drawing from personal and professional experiences, OH SH*T, I ALMOST KILLED YOU! A LITTLE BOOK OF BIG THINGS NURSING SCHOOL FORGOT TO TEACH YOU brings into focus the worries, doubts, and fears that every member of the nursing tribe has carried from time to time.
In hopes of touching upon the physical, mental, and emotional struggle that “baby nurses” encounter on the clock, her intention is to resonate with an audience that so desperately seeks a voice that marries laughter with empathy in a way that has never been published before.  It’s nerdy with an edge; it’s anecdotal yet educational; chances are, even though it is written with a nurse audience in mind, it has components that transcend genders, professions, and age demographics. There are nearly 3.6 million nurses in the United States alone; over 19 million worldwide; and with nearly two thousand nursing programs across the country, the depth and breadth of a captive audience who can relate to the good, bad, and ugly side of a profession she loves so deeply only continues to expand.  This is not your mother’s nursing non-fiction: though the core values of the profession remain, it’s written with a modern reader in mind.

“Somehow, even if you fight against it, becoming a nurse will find you. It will seep into the marrow of your bones. It will sink into your soul. You will sacrifice parts of your own being to protect perfect strangers, and it will feel like a totally rational thing to do.”Sonja Schwartzbach

Either you know a nurse; love a nurse; are a nurse; or need a nurse. But you probably don’t know just how much nurses do, until you’re lying in a hospital bed and charged with their care. Sonja left the corporate world in 2010 at the ripe old age of twenty-four to pursue what could only be described as a calling – she left a promising media career filled with upward promise to attend nursing school by day and serve pizza and beer at a college dive bar by night. One fact remains perfectly clear: Sonja understands the hustle. She has willingly put time and effort into making her dream of a book a reality, and has done extensive research regarding her audience and their needs. Sonja is a nurse with a twist, and she hopes that as she continues this journey, you will read along for the ride. If your bookshelf is littered with medical manuals and anatomy guides, Sonja Schwartzbach’s first piece hopes to earn a spot that can shake up the status quo – and perhaps earn a laugh or two while doing it.

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